Overnight trail riding

Overnight trail riding

I is high country riding season now, have been preparing for a while now. Have been obtaining light weight gear for camping overnight, both weight, volume and multiuse being of consideration
For shelter, a light weight single layer hike tent being a 2 person so plenty of room for me and my gear (1.5 Kg), a reflective ground sheet to protect the tent floor and limit heat loss to the ground. (0.4Kg) Sleeping bag mummy style goose down with a comfort rating of -6 Deg. C (0.85Kg) Inflatable Sleeping mat. (0.4Kg) Recommend a silk sleeping bag liner to keep the inside of the bag clean (0.12Kg)
Total weight of personal shelter. Total:3.2Kg
Horse gear:
Wintec pro endurance saddle with mountings, breast plate, bridle, head collar & lead rope, girth, wither and saddle blanket. Total:8.6kg

Wither Bags large 1.0Kg, trail cover/rug 1.0Kg, Saddle blanket attaches inside trail cover to make a lined horse rug
Light weight night line (1.2Kg) Total:3.2Kg

Total basic riding gear and shelter for horse and rider 15Kg

My horse weighs 650Kg combination of live and dead load (15-20%) assume 17 % is about 110 Kg
I weigh with jacket on 78Kg
Load on horse is 93 Kg
About 17Kg for food and optional gear like Allow for personal clothing items, cooking, food, communications and emergency items

To help my horse where practical I can walk beside him
Plan to do a 6 night on going ride this season in the Bogong High plains this December doing a tour of the huts
Any one is welcome to come but be independently support them selves
Will report on the event
Happy Trails

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