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Riding Saddle Pack Saddle Conversions


Digger dog converts riding saddles into fully featured pack saddles

They can use our heavy duty webbing breast plates and britching

More stable and better fit than a traditional pack saddle tree, you know that your saddle fits your pack horse and how you rig it

The kit uses standard pack bags (panniers) that can fit a traditional pack saddle

Mountings are provide for a top pack and storm cover and surcingle location D rings

The hanger is structurally fully located to your saddle so it cannot move in carrying the loads with serge or suede under lining to protect the saddle

We can make from photos and  measurements of your saddle, but the preferred method is to send your saddle to our workshop.

We then measure, design and make the hanger to fit your saddle to give the best result. Then send the saddle plus the conversion kit fully assembled back to you and all you have to do is some breast plate and britching adjustments to suit your pack horse

The hanger cost is about $450 and you need to add the cost of the 2 panniers and the other optional items such as a breast plate, britching, top pack, and storm cover

Pack saddling workshop

We will be attending the Pack saddling workshop on the November 9 & 10 At Narbethong

Please come and discuss with Gary Swingler about Digger Dog gear, for more information as we will not have a stall as in past workshops

Digger Dog is sponsoring Bec Rose on he Big Horse Trek  on the B N T from Cook town to Healesville

Digger dog outfitted Bec with all her packing gear for the two pack horses and her riding horse


Over night trail ride gear

Digger Dog is developing  a range of gear to make it easier to do over night trail tides for two to five days with out a pack horse

Folded woolen blanket as the saddle blanket

Trail cover  made from light weight rip stop 600 D polyester fabric that makes an emergency horse rug with attachments for the woolen blanket

Large wither bags with water bottle holders, rear edge saddle/leg cover (protects saddle over night) and mounting straps for riding coat

Smaller items in wither bags (torch. personal items , horse care first aide etc)

Portable  mini electric yard kit that can be strapped to saddle D rings and energiser in wither saddle bag

Nose feed bag, canvas water bucket

Large cantle bag for hike tent, mat and sleeping bag or compact cowboy type swag and nylon fly

Medium to large rear saddle bag

some of the related Digger Dog Gear photos below