Productprice review

After many years of no product price increases, we now have to adjust our prices as a result of the cost of  materials and hardware prices have increases

Always check with us before ordering for the latest price

There are many new products we have not put on the website but will do as time permits, best to make an enquiry to us


Digger dog now makes a range of saddle bags for trekking on your ridden horse, I can go out and camp with my horse on the trail for 4 to 7 days. there are many sizes some are double bags and others are separate with clip mounted, the trend is for larger wither bags to keep more weight off the horses back and keep the lighter bulkier gear in the rear bags, behind the cantle we make a light top pack, these bags can be made from canvas or ripstop 600D polyester fabric or a combination with wool under blanket is optional. Contact Gary on 0427524817 for more information


Digger Dog makes various Night/High lines. one with 10mm and 8mm double braided rope.
Also a light weight version that weighs only 0.75Kg
It is important to set the line above your head height, set the end stop rings 1.5m from the ends and attach to the tree protectors
A swivel is provided to attach the lead rope to, a safety release device is optional.
We recommend to use a head/neck collar as the end of the lead rope is always above the horses knee so making safer for the horse to prevent the horse from getting its leg over the lead rope
The length of the lead rope is set to a length that the horse needs to pull down on the line to get their mouth to the ground

Trekking Kit for Ridden Horse

Digger Dog testes this kit on a 3 day trek in the Bogong High Plains and it proved to be a success overall, but some minor improvements needed.
Front large wither bags, have a wither protector pads and wool pad under the bags to prevent an rub issues, clip mounted to saddle D rings and girth for easy quick mounting. Two drink bottle holder mounted in front. a center pocket for quick access items zip closure, straps for securing a jacket and or riding coat
Neck collar and lead rope instead of a Halter
Barcoo Bridle with clip mounted soft webbing reins
Stirrup leathers made from 50mm seatbelt webbing and Endurance stirrups
Endurance saddle used a Wintec Pro (5Kg)
Saddle blanket 1.5m x 1m folded in half, also serves as a lining wool blanket for the trail cover rug total weight under 2 kg
Trail cover mounts to cantle D rings emergency horse rug
Clip mounted rear saddle bags with carrier attached to the saddle, the bags have wool under pads to protect the horse from any rubs
Straps to hold riding coat or jacket and secure to saddle girth.
For more information contact Gary 0n mobile: 0427524817

Overnight trail riding

I is high country riding season now, have been preparing for a while now. Have been obtaining light weight gear for camping overnight, both weight, volume and multiuse being of consideration
For shelter, a light weight single layer hike tent being a 2 person so plenty of room for me and my gear (1.5 Kg), a reflective ground sheet to protect the tent floor and limit heat loss to the ground. (0.4Kg) Sleeping bag mummy style goose down with a comfort rating of -6 Deg. C (0.85Kg) Inflatable Sleeping mat. (0.4Kg) Recommend a silk sleeping bag liner to keep the inside of the bag clean (0.12Kg)
Total weight of personal shelter. Total:3.2Kg
Horse gear:
Wintec pro endurance saddle with mountings, breast plate, bridle, head collar & lead rope, girth, wither and saddle blanket. Total:8.6kg

Wither Bags large 1.0Kg, trail cover/rug 1.0Kg, Saddle blanket attaches inside trail cover to make a lined horse rug
Light weight night line (1.2Kg) Total:3.2Kg

Total basic riding gear and shelter for horse and rider 15Kg

My horse weighs 650Kg combination of live and dead load (15-20%) assume 17 % is about 110 Kg
I weigh with jacket on 78Kg
Load on horse is 93 Kg
About 17Kg for food and optional gear like Allow for personal clothing items, cooking, food, communications and emergency items

To help my horse where practical I can walk beside him
Plan to do a 6 night on going ride this season in the Bogong High plains this December doing a tour of the huts
Any one is welcome to come but be independently support them selves
Will report on the event
Happy Trails

Riding Saddle Pack Saddle Conversions


Digger dog converts riding saddles into fully featured pack saddles

They can use our heavy duty webbing breast plates and britching

More stable and better fit than a traditional pack saddle tree, you know that your saddle fits your pack horse and how you rig it

The kit uses standard pack bags (panniers) that can fit a traditional pack saddle

Mountings are provide for a top pack and storm cover and surcingle location D rings

The hanger is structurally fully located to your saddle so it cannot move in carrying the loads with serge or suede under lining to protect the saddle

We can make from photos and  measurements of your saddle, but the preferred method is to send your saddle to our workshop.

We then measure, design and make the hanger to fit your saddle to give the best result. Then send the saddle plus the conversion kit fully assembled back to you and all you have to do is some breast plate and britching adjustments to suit your pack horse

The hanger cost is about $450 and you need to add the cost of the 2 panniers and the other optional items such as a breast plate, britching, top pack, and storm cover

Over night trail ride gear

Digger Dog is developing  a range of gear to make it easier to do over night trail tides for two to five days with out a pack horse

Folded woolen blanket as the saddle blanket

Trail cover  made from light weight rip stop 600 D polyester fabric that makes an emergency horse rug with attachments for the woolen blanket

Large wither bags with water bottle holders, rear edge saddle/leg cover (protects saddle over night) and mounting straps for riding coat

Smaller items in wither bags (torch. personal items , horse care first aide etc)

Portable  mini electric yard kit that can be strapped to saddle D rings and energiser in wither saddle bag

Nose feed bag, canvas water bucket

Large cantle bag for hike tent, mat and sleeping bag or compact cowboy type swag and nylon fly

Medium to large rear saddle bag

some of the related Digger Dog Gear photos below