Infrared inspection

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  • The detection of the thermal variations in assets and animal can be imaged just like taking a photo and shown on a computer, tablet or sent to your smart phone
  • In buildings air leaks (drafts), heat loss or gain and moisture intrusion it will also be able to show insulation defects such as missing insulation or moisture from a leaking roof
  • Electrical faults that are generating heat can be imaged this is by safe non contact and a guide for your electrician to where the fault is
  • In animals particularly dogs and horses thermal anomalies can be imaged to be an early warning and to assist your vet
  • Most issues result In a change of blood flow and or pattern the imager can detect changes of less than 1 degree C
    I can also assist in unexplained reasons for lameness in horses, early detection of infections that then can be referred to your vet for treatment
  • Saddle fit can be checked by assessing the thermal patterns under the saddle and the horses back
  • As a general condition of inspection we can only advise that there is a probable issue and you must seek the diagnoses of the relevant professional electrician, vet or building inspector
  • Inspections can only be done under the relevant controlled conditions
  • Give Digger Dog a call to see if IR can be of assistance
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