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Trail cover mount behind the cantle in its cover an also by velcro to the cantle roll bag with two straps around all components

To use:  in wet weather while horse is at rest

  • Undo the clip roll out over the saddle
  • Top half roll back over the horses rump
  • Fold down the sides
  • Clip to breast plate D rings
  • Tail strap under tail and adjust
  • Secure belly strap and leg strap
  • Secure optional chest strap

When the horse is unsaddled the trail cover can be used as a temporary horse rug. There are mount for a wool blanket that also serves as a folded saddle blanket. Becomes a wool lined horse rug for trekking and weighs in total 2Kg
Wool saddle pad 100cm x 150 cm with mounts can be supplies upon request for $65

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Postage: $20

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 8 cm