Riding Saddle Pack Conversions Custom

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Riding Saddle Pack Conversions Custom

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Digger dog makes packing saddle conversions for English, Stock, Half breed and Western saddles

The conversion provides the full facilities of a traditional pack saddle

A riding saddle has a better fit  and is more secure

The saddle you offer for this conversion you know fit your horse and the balance is not as critical

In the conversion it is structurally integral with the saddle with all the mounting features of the traditional pack saddle

Mounts for Britchin, heavy Duty breast Plate, Panniers, Top packs and storm cover

We recommend that you send your saddle to our workshop so we can custom fit the hanger to the saddle for best results. We send the saddle conversion back fully assembled only needing harness adjustments to suit your horse

The Panniers, top pack and storm cover are interchangeable  with traditional pack saddles

The custom made hanger cost is $400 to $450
We make other designs that are more basic, but the above panniers used are compatible with traditional pack saddles

I you interested please contact us to discuss your needs


Half breed saddle conversion


Stock Saddle Conversion



Stock Saddle Conversion with Breast Plate